Downloads, how does it work?

As a member, you can download all of the movies in our member’s section without restrictions, store and keep these forever! All our movies are in .mp4 format and HD quality. In the future, we may add a lower and/or higher resolution version.

Do you sell or share membership information?

No, we would never do that. We sometimes do send out offers for some of our other sites and partners. We will never send more than two emails to you each month – so don´t worry, no massive spam.

How do I cancel my membership?

Find the “Cancel Membership” menu in the footer and choose the payment processor you have signed up with and follow the instructions. It´s fast and easy. If signed up paying with Bitcoins or if you signed up for a 6 months membership, your membership will not automatically renew and no action from your side is needed.

How do I unsubscribe from your newsletter?

Just click on the link, that you will find at the bottom of every newsletter that we send out.

How will my payment to you appear in my credit card statement?

If you paid via Verotel it will appear as*etraded

My credit/debit card was declined?

Please try the other payment processor listed at the checkout page. Alternatively, you can pay with Bitcoins, it is fast, secure and it always works! You can buy Bitcoins instantly at Coinbase via credit card or bank wire. It is also possible to buy a 6 months membership with cash transfer via MoneyGram, please contact our support if this has your interest.

Streaming, how does it work?

All streaming on is not running in .mp4 format and should work on all devices.

Your Comodo Secure SSL certificate shows in orange and not green on certain pages?

The Comodo Secure Positive SSL certificate secures and encrypt data between you as a user and us as the merchant. This is mostly needed for the payment processing part of things, and the certificate key lock should always been green on any pages related to payment transactions. We however use a 3rd. part streaming provider for some of our streaming videos and that provider sends the stream in http:// and not https:// format. So for that reason you will see the orange key lock, on some pages with active streaming video(s).


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